Bite Hitter

Just like a Designated Hitter in baseball who only needs to have hitting power, DH’s goal is only one – to get a bite. We even sacrificed the grip on the hook and a long-casting ability in pursuit of flexibility and floatation.  

The wide, super-thin tail maximizes the merits of the material, broadcasting its presence, while responding to the slightest water flow or line movements. Even when kept in place, it continues to move on its own. 

While falling or swimming, the shaking tail transfers micro vibrations into the whole body to catch attention. In the bottom stay, DH’s swaying action as a jig trailer has proven effective in numerous instances. But more than anything else, this sensitive, self-acting characteristic excels as a heavy down-shot rig. Since DH does not require any major handling of a rod, it is able to stay in the same location for a long haul, continually repeating actions until a bite comes. In popular areas with constant pressure on fish, where you were sure big bass were hiding, you may have given up in the past. But now you have an ultimate means with DH’s unique characteristics to tackle the impossible. In a long haul near structures, DH is an indispensable weapon, enticing a bite in the mid level as long as it takes.



 Solid Black Blue
#1 Solid Black Blue
Gold Smoke Fin
#3 Gold Smoke Fin
#5 Chalk
 Strobo Gill
#2 Strobo Gill
 Kohoku NT
#4 Kohoku NT
 Ranker Gill
NEW!! #6 Ranker Gill

6inch, 3/pack
6inch, 3/pack

1. Super-soft, Highly-buoyant Material

Handling a rod, in order to manipulate a lure, also moves the lure’s location. In other words, the more you try to attract fish, the farther your lure gets away from the targeted location. However, with the ultimate flexibility and super-light density, this highly-buoyant material responds even to the slightest water flow or waving of a line, without having to move the rod much. DH makes it possible to keep attracting bass in one spot.

Note: In pursuit of the specialized performance, we use the softest material possible for the product. Remember to cast it as gently as you can.


2. Body Form

The narrow center works like a joint. From there stretches a wide, super-thin tail, making a big presence with waving actions. The deep grooves of the rib catch water flow, amplifying DH’s actions. The rib also comfortably stimulates the mouth of the bass, aiming for an effect to encourage deeper bites. In addition, the knob at the tail end multiplies floatation and waving, transforming movements into more complicated ones. DH’s body shape is streamlined to create sophisticated and complex actions that draw a line from those of paddle tails or leaches.


3. Tail Arrangements

Cutting along the lines on the tail, you can choose a different arrangement according to your needs.



This is a setting focused on DH’s presence. With its wide tail capturing water, the waving action broadly appeals to the bass.


・Claw Cut

The tail is divided into two chunks. The imposing lobster-like figure also works as a jig trailer.


・Shred Cut

 This will help DH maintain more complicated motions longer. If you intend to stay long and wait until a bite comes, go for it with this arrangement.