1. Thank you very much for ordering.

At the first, before business, it is necessary to have you sign "Trade Agreement".

Please send an email to tacklegem.jp@gmail.com.

We'll send you  back the Trade Agreement document. 


After we agree an agreement... We send you the order form.

2. Please fill in the amount of the product which you want.





You can use email ordering.

Please fill in a necessary matter on this occasion.


The requirements;

Product number and the amount you want.


Shipping address


Postal code



Email address


3. Please fill in a title with "order" and send it back to tacklegem.jp@gmail.com.


4. We send you a confirmation email added the postage or having stock or not. then, please confirm it the last and tell us "OK" or "Not yet." 


5. After having got your consent, we will send you Paypal invoice to you within 2 days. 

If we cannot confirm your payment within 7 days, we will send you unpayment reminder. 


6. After payment confirmation, we send out your product and send you your baggage code number, please wait for arrival.





☆We will aim to dispatch all orders within 2 days of confirmed payment. 

Please be reminded that we will take no responsibility for any loss, damage or delay caused during transport / delivery of all items. 


☆We estimate that items will reach you within 7 days. owever, if you do not receive the items after 15 days, please contact us by e-mail. 

It is a very troublesome procedure, but repayment, returned goods becomes difficult because it is overseas transaction. We kindly ask for your cooperation for safety trading.