The Original Bottom Swimmer “Tobikichi”

Plusone Kamata designed Tobikichi 13 years ago. Among many big baits, it was a unique one back then with a focus on attacking the bottom and weeds. At Biwa Lake especially, weeds cannot be ignored. It’s the most critical challenge. Tobikichi is a local bait developed near Biwa Lake. Its wire angle lip has three functions – weed guard, bottom censor and hook guard. This lip sections’ ability to avoiding weeds, the body action with multiple joints, and the floating tail brought so many rankers. The result quickly caught attention of local anglers, and similar slow roll baits were mass-produced one after another. To maintain the quality though, Kamata quietly kept hand-making Tobikichi, which made it hard to obtain. Due to the astounding result, Tobikichi has completely become a secret.


Notice : The color lineup changes with each release.

No. 500 Darkmatter
#1 Darkmatter
No. 502 Shrimp
#3 Shrimp
No. 501 Mango
#2 Mango
No. 503 Problue
#4 Problue

“Big Bass for Everyone”

With this hope, came along Bombada Tobikichi. The ABS material and a removable lip W.B.S (PAT.P) have improved the flying distance, and various attacks in different seasons are made possible. Tobikichi is a star performer among local baits for anglers on the shore around Biwa Lake. Challenging a record-size bass is now more realistic.

The Path to Plastic Tobikichi

I fish on the global main stages like Amazon. It was hard for me to believe immediately a super-slow plugging would catch big bass one after another. But a few years ago, I met Kamata and caught multiple big bass in the middle of winter. I learned the logics that backed the fishing result. I had never imagined myself commuting to Biwa Lake, but I just fell in love with Tobikichi. What was more amazing was the method as a big bait jig in spring. And drifting in summer and fall. I experienced a shocking result. These methods are unseen in other genres. Tobikichi conquers every obstacle at the bottom. It totally turned the image of a big bait up-side-down. But hand-making doesn’t help the production to be stable. And it didn’t have the floatation needed to support a thick hook for the record-size bass and monsters. So, we began the steady mass-production with ABS.


Characteristics of Bonbada Plastic Tobikichi

1. As close as possible to a styrofoam body. More than the double thickness and density make it super tough and allow great flying distance.


2. Removable weed bumper system (W.B.S., patent pending)


3. Just with a tuning, W.B.S. allows an attack in all range as a drift bait, swim bait, dead slow cranking, and bottom swimmer.


4. Adding weights at the lip or head lets it headstand and perform a strong jig action within a small distance. It can be used in flat casting for Basara action.

5. Buoyancy that supports thick hooks up to Cultiva ST66#2.


6. A pure square weight included.


Length : 160mm


Weight : 46g