Something to Be Eaten

Grouping animals that the bass feed on, we designed a shape in Kaesu style for Yago. It is a puddle tail grub that plays different roles according to fields and circumstances. In down shot rig, Yago controls the body bending with just the tail vibrating. In mid strolling, it moves around with small darting as if it is live bait fish. In jumping methods with jig head, it darts like a jumping shrimp. In Texas rig, it imitates water bugs such as dragonfly larva crawling on the bottom. 

With the simple, compact body that slides through small cracks, attacking covers is a breeze. It works great as a trailer whether on bottom bumps or during the middle level swimming. Naturally as a rubber jig, but even as a bait trailer, also, Yago actually caught number of big bass at Biwa Lake and other spots. With the adaptability to go from slow methods to speedy handling, With the shape which the bass just love beyond reason, Yago plays “something to be eaten” at a pond, river, reservoir or big lake, adapting to every situation and rig.


 MIDORI Kirameki
#1 MIDORI Kirameki
#5 SIO
 BENI Kirameki
#3 BENI Kirameki
#6 CHA

1. Highly-buoyant Hard Material

You may think that the toughness of this highly-floatable material is an unlikely configuration for the size of Yago. However, this is a choice aiming for the movements of crustacean and other tough-skin animals like dragonfly larva. The hard, yet light-density material allows quick darting. By controlling the body bending, the tail action is amplified.


2. Body Form

With a keel on the back, the triangular fat body with firm material creates solidity different from plain hardness. Yago’s unique actions come from this solidity. Though compact, it has volume. Though simple, it is alive and captivating. The shape of Yago plays various rolls as a bait, such as minnow in middle level, water bug or goby fish at the bottom, or crustacean around covers or when you are trying to catch reactions. Yago lets them all bite without suspicion.


3. Tail Arrangement

The puddle tail can be arranged according to your rig or the bait that you want it to imitate. The tail, which securely catches water in standard use, can be modified by cutting at the center to lower the water resistance and to encourage brisk actions and more life-like silhouette. In mid strolling or as chatter trailer, this arrangement is more appealing.